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Edwardian Style Hook a Duck Stall

One of our largest games


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 150cm
Width: 220cm
Height: 250cm

*Up to 4 days hire
*UK wide delivery available. Minimum hire charges apply

This very fine thing arrives flat packed and is very easy to set up. All game play items are provided.


All the fun of the fair comes to town with this Edwardian-style traditional stand which is part of a set of three. Hire the Edwardian Style Ring Toss and Edwardian Style Coconut Shy to complete the trio. The set up dimensions are of the game are 2.5m high by 2.2m wide by 1.5 deep. The duck pond is raised from the top of the stall - at 106cm from floor height - so little people might want to stand on something to reach the ducks. For a suitable step aesthetically in keeping we would recommend our circus podiums, a minimum of two would suffice. The duck pond measures 110cm by 49cm. There is a fill line as we recommend it is only filled up a quarter of the way due to weight. The bung of the pond is permanently sealed shut to stop and leaks so to empty the pond it can be lifted and carried from the stand. 20 ducks and four rods are provided. 

There are no tools needed to set this up. The stand is comprised of a front panel and two side panels which lock into place. A fold-up lid is placed on top which requires at least two people to place down. Two side supports then hold a canopy that simply slots in place. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

The stand is built with a mix of traditional funfair craft techniques like the chamfered border of the wooden frame alongside modern marvels of bespoke printing. 


From the beginning we have always admired and created traditional fairground games. Customer requests have resulted  in much bigger versions of some of the game titles we already own being fashioned. Not wanting a standard red and white side stall you can buy online we set about designing a beautifully bespoke set of games not seen before. The designs were inspired by Edwardian funfair - stripes and diamonds with ornate highly decorative text and fancy flourishes with a Rococo influence.  Over 200 hours were spent in our workshop producing this delightful and popular set of three games.


Funfair and circus are our biggest themes. If you are making a spectacle of these games you might consider the Fairground Arch also designed in an Edwardian style. If you would like more than three large games you can detach the legs of our buzz wire and place the top on a circus stall for a fourth game stand.