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Macrame Hanging Backdrop 1.2m by 1.8m


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Set-up Dimensions
Depth: 1cm
Width: 120cm
Height: 230cm

*Up to 4 days hire
*UK wide delivery available. Minimum hire charges apply

This item will be FOR SALE in September 2022. To enquire about purchasing this item, please email sales@propfactory.co.uk. In the meantime, this item is still available to hire.

Isn’t this a gorgeous thing? You would be hard pushed to find a backdrop with more fine detail than our rather excellent macrame that has been meticulously hand-knotted in our workshop by our fabulous craft makers. Overall, this very fine thing brings together a natural, organic feel with a gentle understated elegance. The graceful, over-long tassels are embellished with just the right amount of lace, pearls and rustic wooden beads from our much-treasured haberdashery stash, before they are completed by a final flourish of feathers.

From the top of the hanging cord to the tip of the longest feather, this measures 230cm. You could adjust this slightly depending on how you position the hanging cord, which contributes 50cm to the overall height.

Our macrame makes a stunning backdrop inside or out, but is not suitable to be left outside in the rain.